The modern Capiox Terumo oxygenerator SX- and RX-series for all groups of patients are characterised by: low priming volume, lowest-possible level of blood in the cardiotomy reservoir allowing for the maximum blood flow through the offered oxygenerators and the highly-efficient heat exchangers. The cardiotomy and venous reservoirs of the offered oxygenerators are characterised by significant volume, broad scope of blood flow and possibility of using VAVD. All oxygenerators by Terumo are equipped with the biocompatible X-Coating which minimises haemolysis and reduce the .

The set of drains is adjusted to individual requirements and needs of the users; broad offer of all kinds of aortal, venous, and cardioplegic cannulas, as well as chamber vents and suction pumps, rich offer of blood filters and homoconcentrators.